Pledge to QA

I pledge to write code that:

  • will not error right away for all users when they try to run it
  • will not contain misspellings in the messages visible to users
  • will allow users to tab through the fields in the correct (a reasonable) order
  • places the focus on the first field in the form when first opened
  • resizes controls appropriately when the form is resized
  • uses consistent form colors across forms
  • uses consistent form elements (button captions and placement) across forms
  • uses consistent keyboard shortcuts per policy
  • uses consistent form icons and captions, including popup messages across forms
  • allows captions will fit on buttons so text won’t get truncated on screen
  • runs fast
  • won’t raise errors because I forgot to handle a potential case of null (missing) data
  • will gracefully handle errors with a user friendly message and helpful debugging details will be logged
  • I tested the code myself, But if there are any conditions/scenarios I have not tested, I will let you know what those are. (I didn’t test on the Ipad, or against an Oracle database)
  • uses complete sentences in error messages
  • shows all list data in alphabetic order.

I also pledge that:

  • I won’t ask testers to start testing until all these above items are correct.